Lotus Elise Duratec Engine Conversion

What is included the conversion?

The engine is the key to the conversion but there are also a number of bespoke components all of which are exclusively available from Steve Williams. In excess of 30 other components (most of which have been customised in some way) are needed to make the conversion work.

Details of major components

A brand new Ford Duratec 2.3 litre engine, direct from Ford: The engine is converted from rear wheel drive orientation to transverse orientation. Using the established theory that there is no substitute for capacity the option of using the 2300cc version of the Duratec engine was a simple selection. This choice allows the engine to be tuned to a respectable level with out sacrificing reliability and still leaving future scope for performance upgrades.

Engine to gearbox adaptor plate: Manufactured from billet aluminium and CNC machined. Exclusively designed using original Ford and Rover manufacturing drawings, this ensures the plate accurately locates onto the engine and gearbox giving precise alignment.

Induction and engine management system: Extensive development between Webcon and Steve Williams. Comprising over 50 hours of ECU calibration and rolling road development, minute detail has been applied to ensure drivability, cold start routines and MOT compliance. Development has included a bespoke inlet manifold made exclusively for the Steve Williams Lotus Elise Duratec conversion. Also included are Webcon's proven throttle bodies, ECU, a bespoke wiring loom.

Exhaust manifold: Exclusive development between Piper Exhaust and Steve Williams. CNC designed and flow tested a 4 into 1 design with 1 3/4" (44.45mm) primaries, 2.5" (63.50mm) end pipe work and equal length primaries (+/- 1mm). Made from T304 grade stainless steel, bent on CNC mandrel tube benders and Tig welded throughout for a perfect finish. Designed to marry to standard cat position so any aftermarket system can be used.

Engine mounts: Exclusive development between Vibra-Technics and Steve Williams. Comprising, unique laser cut bracket assemblies (engine, gearbox and stabiliser) proven Vibra-Technics rubber mount isolation technology. A choice of different grade isolators for road and race applications. The original chassis mounting points are used including the stabiliser, there are no modification or cutting of the chassis.

Alternator: Bespoke race proven 65 amp alternator. Simple lightweight construction (only 1kg heavier than comparable 40amp Brise/Edge racing alternators) with brackets CNC machined from billet aluminium.

Flywheel: Bespoke lightweight flywheel with integral ring gear, CNC machined from billet steel and balanced to very fine tolerances.

Air box: Manufactured from pre pre-preg lightweight fibre glass with an aluminium back plate. Designed to provide an unrestricted airflow and proven on the rolling road.

Air Filter: K&N performance cone filter developed specially for Reverie on K&N’s flow bench, to give the ultimate performance in the limited space available.

Engine cover: The engine cover is made from autoclaved epoxy 2*2 twill pre-preg carbon fibre construction. The Engine cover has been developed to help protect plugs and throttle bodies from water ingress, and provides a visually striking statement.

Steve Williams driving